Seeing the forest through the trees

Big-picture vision – focused attention to detail. That’s how competitive edge starts.

What was on your mind as you sat down to work today?

Seeing the forest through the trees

Big-picture vision – focused attention to detail. That’s how competitive edge starts.

What was on your mind as you sat down to work today?

You are more than the history of your insurance claims.

There’s so much more to the story of your business than shock losses and industry pivots.  We make sure to learn about your whole business because articulating who you are as more than a series of Profit and Loss statements allows carriers to confidently cover you and your business.

Competitive Edge takes time where others gloss over the details.

transform your coverage narrative Go from trouble to triumph it’s not just about insurance... it‘s about your business’ success

Who we are and

why we do what we do

Carriers have their own best interests at heart and only cover the safest bets to protect themselves. At Competitive Edge, we build your case to the carrier to ensure that you get the right coverage at the best price based on your real-world conditions.

  • coverage that works when you file a claim

  • Comprehensive review of all your risk exposure

  • Highly educated and resourceful team

  • Access to our wide network of partners

Meet the founder

Brenda Jo Robyn

Brend Jo started her career as an epidemiologist (so our current situation with COVID is not news to her). With degrees in microbiology and virology, she launched into a career in public health communications where she helped shape policy around many statewide public health initiatives. As she became more involved in the non-profit world she noticed that many companies faced deepening frustration, lack of knowledge, and insight into their insurance coverage.

Claim after claim was rejected and CEOs of the companies she worked with lamented high insurance costs. The more research she did the clearer her next career move became.

Brend Jo’s background outside of the insurance world gives her insight into how businesses run and where the hidden risks lie.

Her background in the medical field taught her the value of deep research and constant questioning.

These factors combine to create a depth of knowledge and expertise that are unrivaled in the insurance industry.

It’s not uncommon to find her on the phone educating a carrier on their offerings and exclusions, negotiating better terms for her clients, and realigning the carrier’s policies.

Come on by and visit Competitive Edge the next time you’re in beautiful Coronado.  Or, give us a call (619) 259-5459.

What is meant by

High Risk Insurance?

High-risk insurance addresses companies whose coverage was either terminated because of a claim, those who are new and cannot get coverage because of industry risk, or those who have experienced drops in revenue or industry disruption such that carriers are broadly refusing coverage.

  • Construction

  • Health and Wellness Industries

  • Cyber Risk Liability

  • Bonding

  • General Liability

  • Worker’s Compensations

  • Cannabis

An overview of

What we offer

Many of our clients share one thing in common… elevated risk.

Recent Client Case Study

A recent business owner came to us having suffered a massive shock loss.  His carrier opted not to renew and he has been to 3 other brokers, all of whom offered sky-high prices and bargain-basement protections.

If there’s one thing a shock loss will show you, it’s how important insurance is to a business’s survival. 

Through a referral from an existing client, we were connected with this business.

We spent hours learning about their business, understanding the circumstances of the recent large claim, and the ways they have changed how they do things to mitigate that risk going forward. We helped them rewrite safety manuals and implement safety protocols to further enhance their risk management and then, we brought the whole story to the carriers. Because of our long-standing relationships with these carriers they listened and were able to offer much better coverage to our new client at a reasonable rate with reductions based on time without claims.

Health & Wellness Insurance

Risk in the health and beauty field has never been higher. Ensure you understand your coverage and get what you need to protect your business.

Construction Insurance

Hard to place insurance for roofers and other high-risk construction companies is our specialty. Call us to discuss your coverage. We can find better rates with fewer policy exclusions.

Cyber Risk Liability

With workforces out of the office increased cyber risk is a fact of life.
Ensure your coverage meets your needs.

What Our Clients Say

Can’t say enough good about Brenda Jo. Smart, responsive, energetic, works hard to get the best deal for my company. Makes my work life a lot easier.

Don Testimonial

Brenda Jo Robyn with Competitive Edge Insurance is amazing. She is personable and helpful. She was recommended to us by a colleague and we recommend her every chance we get.

Surety Bonding

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