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EPLI: Does Your Construction Business Need It?

Many employers, especially in the construction industry, need employment practices liability (EPLI) coverage to protect themselves against employee claims.
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How to COPE in an Inflationary Environment

Recently, Hartford did a study that showed that 75% of all commercial…
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Top Tips to Recession-Proof Your Business

Business owners can recession-proof businesses by minimizing workers’ compensation claims, creating employee trust and safety, and investing in insurance.
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Cyber Liability: Mitigating BYOD and E-discovery Risks

The prevalence of employee-owned smartphones and other devices…
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Inflation and Property: What You Need to Know

Inflation is one of those economic concepts that everyone has…
How Do You Reduce Experience Modification?

How Do You Reduce Experience Modification?

A high experience modification rating (EMR) leads to high workers’ compensation insurance premiums. Reduce your EMR by identifying risks and implementing a safety program.