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the word "wages" on a piece of paper zoomed in on with a magnifying glass

Understanding Classifications for Workers’ Comp Dual Wage

Workers' compensation rates are increasing in the construction industry. Rates vary by class, however, dual wage thresholds are going up.
cargo ship combating the shipping crisis

The Manufacturing Industry and the Supply Chain Crisis

Manufacturing businesses can combat the shipping chain crisis by diversifying their supplier base and vendors and by reviewing their insurance coverage.
graph illustrating downward trends from the recession with a calculator and pen and pencil

Top Three Tips to Recession-Proof Your Business

Business owners can recession-proof businesses by minimizing workers’ compensation claims, creating employee trust and safety, and investing in insurance.
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Don’t Create Your Own Labor Shortage

Don’t create your own labor shortage by failing to create a strong company culture, offer learning and development (L&D), and insure your business.
man explaining rising workers compensation rates to injured employee

Workers’ Compensation Rates are Rising: What Can You Do?

Business owners can combat rising workers’ compensation rates by prioritizing risk mitigation, maintaining a safe workplace, and emphasizing employee training.
insurance broker shaking hands with an insurance client

Why an Advisor Should Work with an Insurance Broker

Wealth advisors should partner with insurance brokers when helping clients seeking to purchase real estate because they can help mitigate risk and assess future finances.