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Payment and Performance Bonds Explained

Payment and Performance Bonds Explained

In simple terms, a payment bond enforces that everything must be paid once a project is completed. Payment bonds are also surety bonds and are required for most state projects based on the Miller Act.
Workers’ Compensation Policy Renewals

Workers’ Compensation Policy Renewals: What to Expect

January 1st is the date that most workers’ compensation policies will renew. In 2022, we can expect high premium increases. Here’s why it’s important.
Labor Shortage Construction

How the California Labor Shortage Is Affecting the Construction Industry

The California construction industry is facing a labor shortage as a result of not being able to find qualified, skilled workers.
COVID Vaccine Mandate

What Mandating the Vaccine Might Mean for Your Business Insurance

OSHA may introduce a vaccine mandate for companies with 100 or more employees, changing the way business owners need to view their insurance.
Surety Bond and Default Insurance

What’s the Difference Between a Surety Bond and a Contract Bond?

The world of insurance can be complex. So, what's the difference between a surety bond and a contract bond? Which do you need to stay safe?

Why is Phishing the #1 Thing Killing Small Businesses?

Phishing, the “technique for attempting to acquire sensitive data," is on the rise, and is especially harmful to small businesses. But why are they being targeted?