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Risk Mitigation: What Is It and How Can You Do It?

Risk mitigation is a term frequently used in the insurance world. Here, founder of Competitive Edge Insurance, Brenda Jo Robyn, talks about risk mitigation: what is it and how can you do it well?
What Does Workers' Comp Look Like for Remote Employees

What Does Workers’ Comp Look Like for Remote Employees?

Employers are required to provide workers’ comp insurance. Making a claim, however, is more difficult when it comes to remote employees.
Payment and Performance Bonds Explained

Payment and Performance Bonds Explained

In simple terms, a payment bond enforces that everything must be paid once a project is completed. Payment bonds are also surety bonds and are required for most state projects based on the Miller Act.
Workers’ Compensation Policy Renewals

Workers’ Compensation Policy Renewals: What to Expect

January 1st is the date that most workers’ compensation policies will renew. In 2022, we can expect high premium increases. Here’s why it’s important.
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How Small Businesses Fall Victim to Cyber Attacks

Small businesses fall victim to cyber attacks because they don’t recognize phishing, have cybersecurity insurance, or conduct training and due diligence.
Certificates of Insurance (COIs) What You Need to Know

Certificates of Insurance (COIs): What You Need to Know

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) lets you know what coverage a tenant, vendor, or subcontractor has in order to keep all parties safe.